Developed by 2019 Massage Hall of Fame Inductee Jim Funk

Forearm Fusion was created with the therapist in mind to to extend careers and make massage easier on the therapist's body

Students attending one of our Massage CE classes will learn how to effectively use their body by applying maximum pressure with minimal effort or strain. Students will be taught body saving techniques allowing them to complete a full body massage without the use of their hands or thumbs. Forearm Fusion will save the body and make massage easy, no matter what your client is looking for!

Students say they wish they took this course years ago! Makes massage easier on your body and extends your career.

About Jim Funk, Creator of Forearm Fusion

Designed by 2019 World Massage Hall of Fame inductee Jim Funk, LMT, Forearm Fusion will save your body and make massage easy!

Jim has been a massage therapist for more than 26 years and has been teaching massage techniques for 20 years. Jim noticed that some of his students were ending their massage careers, not because they wanted to, but because they felt their bodies could no longer preform a quality massage. Jim realized that many of these therapists were leaving the profession because they had not utilized body saving techniques. He saw many therapists using only their hands and fingers and not using their forearms. With this in mind, Jim developed Forearm Fusion. This method uses the hand, forearm, and elbow to provide a therapeutic massage. Proper body mechanics are stressed in this class.

NCBTMB Approved Provider Number: 1000610

Forearm Fusion is an NCBTMB-approved course, our provider number is 451761-11, and is worth 8 – 16 CE hours (depending on the class taken) that count towards license renewal in most states. Forearm Fusion is also CE Broker-approved. All of our instructors have not only taken both the foundation course and our advanced course but participate in ongoing training throughout the year while taking additional courses that will help us develop Forearm Fusion even further.

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What Our Students Say

This technique has changed the way I work and my clients are getting better results because of it! If you’re debating taking this cue course, I’d say take it asap! The course is thorough and well-taught. This is not just about techniques using your forearms, it’s an intensive body mechanics self-check too! If you need good, effective massage work done, hunt down a forearm fusion-certified therapist.

Joy Brusetti

Forearm Fusion is an amazing class! It offers a lot to FA techniques, which help the massage therapist with effective deeper pressure and more uniform distribution over the tissue area you are focused on.

Maureen Andreoni