From Left to Right: Kelly Whittaker, Krista Morris, Jim Funk, Kalu Chan, Angela Pio Wagner, and Rachel Hull


Meet Our Teachers


Jim Funk

Jim has been a massage therapist for more than 26 years and has been teaching massage techniques for 20 years. Jim noticed that some of his students were ending their massage careers, not because they wanted to, but because they felt their bodies could no longer preform a quality massage. Jim realized that many of these therapists were leaving the profession because they had not utilized body saving techniques. He saw many therapists using only their hands and fingers and not using their forearms. With this in mind, Jim developed Forearm Fusion. This method uses the hand, forearm, and elbow to provide a therapeutic massage. Proper body mechanics are stressed in this class.




Angela Pio Wagner

"The most gratifying thing about teaching Forearm Fusion is watching seasoned therapists realize that they still have a long, pain free career ahead of them because of learning these advanced forearm techniques.  I have been a therapist for 16 years and never has my work been easier for me or more effective for my clients than when I utilize this modality."

Angela is the co-owner of the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks with Jim Funk and currently maintains a private practice as well as being an instructor at the school in Pottstown.

Kalu Chan

"Incorporating Forearm Fusion techniques into my massage practice has been greatly beneficial to myself as well as my clients. Proper body mechanics have become more natural and second nature which translates into a more fluid and controlled massage. Forearm Fusion has also added to my career longevity by helping to reduce overuse injuries."

Kalu is a graduate of the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks in Pottstown, PA.

Kelly Whittaker

"Forearm Fusion is more than just using your forearms. I work more easily in my massages and not be tired after massaging all day. It helps relieve my lower back issues and hand/thumb pain. I have heard from other students who have taken the class say that it is like going through massage school again, but even better!"

Kelly is a graduate of the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks, in Pottstown, PA  and is an integral member of the Forearm Fusion team.

Krista Morris

"Forearm Fusion has helped me use more effective forearm work without compromising my body. It has also taught me about my body mechanics for safer work and career longevity. I feel the strokes and techniques I've learned are more intentional and effective for depth and pressure than anything I've used before."

Krista has been a massage therapist for 14 years and is a graduate of PIMT. She is also a part time instructor at AMTB.

Rachel Hull

"Forearm Fusion has opened my eyes to an entire new routine in healing my clients, while protecting my own body. This modality has added an entire new level to my massage techniques."

Rachel has been practicing massage for 8 years and is a graduate of NMTI and in addition to having her own private practice, she also teaches Anatomy & Physiology at AMTB as well as continuing education classes.