Praise for Forearm Fusion

"This class is exactly what I needed!  Being diagnosed with arthritis in both thumbs, I needed an alternative to using my hands so much. Although I use forearms in my "routine" already, some of the techniques I learned are completely new! I am so happy I made the choice to take this class! Worth every second and every penny!" - Lori E.

"I am a fairly new therapist and currently working for a franchise. This class is going to give me longevity in my career! When done properly, the work is effortless. This was a great course!" - Steven M.

"Forearm Fusion is amazing!  When I started as a therapist I quickly developed pain in my shoulders and low back. FF has changed that.  No more pain and I love that the work allows me to deliver maximum pressure with no "work" involved. Clients love it, I love it!  Forearm Fusin for the win!" - Betty C.

"Because I am just beginning my journey as a massage therapist, these techniques are immensely valuable. The body mechanics and less use of my thumbs is certainly going to keep me feeling strong and therefore, more capable of providing quality bodywork, in particular deep tissue. This is probably the best additional education any therapist, new or seasoned, could have." - Bobbie W.